#TwitterFiction Festival 2015: Officially In!

I could not be more excited to report that I will be one of the authors featured during #TwitterFiction Festival 2015, May 11-15!

#TwitterFictionFestival 2015_Facebook

For those who are unfamiliar with the festival, according to twitterfictionfestival.com, the premise is “a five-day virtual writing celebration held entirely on Twitter” that is now in its third year. Each year, authors and writers the world over submit their fiction ideas and a panel of judges from across the publishing industry chooses several official participants; 2015 saw judges from Quirk Books; Little, Brown and Company; Avon Books, HarperCollins; Simon & Schuster; Hachette Book Group; Grove Atlantic; Penguin Random House; and St. Martin’s Press.

This year, for the second year in a row, the Association of American Publishers and Penguin Random House are presenting the event.

Along with writers like me who applied to become official participants, there will be 23 featured authors tweeting throughout the festival, including award winners and #1 New York Times bestselling writers. Do the names Margaret Atwood and Lemony Snicket ring a bell?

While anyone on Twitter can craft and tweet out short fiction using #twitterfiction throughout the year and during the festival itself, the judging panel selects participants that will be featured on the festival site, and retweeted by @twitterbooks and @TWFictionFest, during specific time slots. I found out this past Friday that I was selected to be an official participant and given two, hour-long time slots during the event:

  • 2AM-3AM on Tuesday, May 12th
  • 9PM-10PM on Friday, May 15th

Considering the story idea I pitched is a crime story, I intend to use the lapse between my time slots to my advantage with a killer cliffhanger (pun intended…sorry!).

The Plot

While I do not intend to give too much away before the festival begins, here’s a teaser of my crime story:

Detective Elinor Gibbs investigates a copy-cat murder only to discover that the victim is the same victim from a murder the year before, according to an identifying tattoo. Elinor uncovers the grisly history of a murderer only to have a family secret rear up, forcing her into the killer’s crosshairs. Told through two Twitter accounts – @DetectiveEGibbs belonging to the detective, @brandedsailor to the killer – this story will be told in words, photos, newspaper “clippings” and video.

#TwitterFiction Festival 2015_Twitter Handles

Be sure to follow me @ajwalkley, as well as my protagonist @DetectiveEGibbs and antagonist @brandedsailor, as the story unfolds in just a few weeks.

Stay tuned for a full Twitter festival schedule coming up on April 30th via twitterfictionfestival.com!

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