Why I Love Query Rejections

After five years of outlining, writing, editing, editing, writing and more editing, my next novel is to the point I wanted it to be before I began the hunt for an agent. I’ve gone the self-publishing route (Choice), and published my second and third novels with an independent publisher (Queer Greer and Vuto). I am at a point in my career, however, where I know that if I want to get into the major publishing houses, I need a literary agent to do so.

So, this month I have sent out a bevy of query letters to literary agents I have researched and sought for the genres they represent that match with my writing, as well as their client lists, targeting the agents of writers I personally admire. I have also invested in the 2014 Guide to Literary Agents, which is a more valuable resource than I ever knew.

Within the last several weeks, I have gotten many rejections from those I’ve queried — and I must say, I relish those emails.

The rejections are a learning opportunity. A rejection tells me that this particular agent is not the right fit for my work; he or she will not be the best advocate and is not the partner I need in this next chapter of my writing career.

Fiction is a very subjective beast — one person may not like your work while the next may fall in love with it at first page. I try not to take the rejections personally whatsoever. They let me know that I have yet to find the best agent for me and help push me through to the next query.

Writers out there, relish those rejections. There will be many on the path to representation, but it means you’re on your way to finding the best agent for you and your writing.

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