The VUTO Playlist

There is many a writer I know who records their playlist for each book they write – a list of the music they listened to while writing each individual novel. I am a writer who must have silence to write. However, I listen to music constantly when I don’t have a pen in hand and oftentimes that music speaks to my writing.

I thought it would be fun to share with you a playlist of the songs that spoke to me most during the time I was writing and editing Vuto. Three bands particularly stood out for me over this period of time: Imagine Dragons, Hanson and Walk Off The Earth.

Click on the name of the band to listen to the song, or the song title for the lyrics:

1)      Imagine Dragons, “It’s Time”

2)      Hanson, “Great Divide”

3)      Walk Off The Earth, “Red Hands”

4)      Imagine Dragons, “Bleeding Out”

5)      Hanson, “World’s On Fire”

6)      Walk Off The Earth, “REVO”

7)      Hanson, “Fire On The Mountain”

8)      Imagine Dragons, “Demons”

9)      Hanson, “Never Let Go”

10)   Hanson, “Strong Enough To Break”

Vuto is now available for purchase at Rocket Science Productions, and the iBookstore.

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