VUTO Sneak Preview

Vuto is available for pre-sale before it’s official release on Monday, July 22nd!

You can pre-order the book at my publisher’s site HERE.

You can also find it in the iBookstore and on

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If you’re thinking about buying it, here’s a sneak peak of the first chapter to help you decide:



I knew the pains in my belly and what they meant. I had already done this two times before. That did not make it easier.

“Mama! I want my mama!” I cried, knowing she was not there, knowing she would not come and knowing I should not be calling for her.

I whipped my head back and forth as another pain ripped through, staring for a moment at the white girl in the corner, looking at me as if I was some angel.

“Aaaaaagh!” I screamed and she flinched, but stayed just the same.

A familiar face was better than none.

I could hear her whispering in broken Chichewa, “What does she say?” to Nurse Leoni, who was helping me along.

“She is calling for her mother,” Leoni told her.

“Then we should go get her mom,” the girl replied. I would have laughed if I was not being torn apart from the inside out.

“She cannot. She must do this alone.”

I pushed hard, the chitenje I had wrapped around me came unfurled and fell to the ground. I lay, naked, for the world to see.

I felt the head between my legs and knew it was only moments before I would meet my baby.

“One more push, Vuto, just one more big push,” Leoni told me.


I felt the pressure ease and heard a tiny wail.

No more words were spoken.

Leoni took my baby, cut her cord with rusty scissors and wrapped her up tight in two chitenje. After passing the placenta, I got up myself, the soreness something for me to overcome and not linger upon. I cleaned myself and took my baby, not even five minutes in the world, and looked over at the girl in the corner before leaving.

She had tears in her eyes and I could not understand why.

This was every day.

This was life.

This was Malawi.

This was Africa.

Did she not know that this child was not really alive yet? Did she not know it would take two weeks before I could name her and her father would acknowledge her?


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One response to “VUTO Sneak Preview

  1. Joe Schlhig

    Read the opening paragraphs…not fair…can’t wait to read on…

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