Only $600 To Go!

In just a week of campaigning, my Kickstarter campaign for my third novel, Vuto, has raised $2,400 of the $3,000 goal! I am learning so much as this process goes along, and I’m recording all of these tidbits of advice to create a blog with tips and tricks for Kickstarter campaigns once my own is finished. I’m excited to share with you!

One tip I’ll reveal now is to reach out to other bloggers in order to get interviews, guest posts and the like on multiple websites throughout the campaign. I started reaching out once my project had already launched and, while I’ve been able to gain interest from several bloggers in the past week, I’m sure if I had planned ahead that interest might be greater and I could have lined up a blog every other day or so for the entirety of the campaign. Nevertheless, I encourage you to check out the following sites that have posted something regarding my Kickstarter already:

And, of course, if you haven’t donated already, please consider doing so HERE. If you donate today or tomorrow, you’ll also receive one of several free eBooks from my publishing company, Rocket Science Productions!

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