Peaceful Protest in Arizona Bathrooms

It’s time to call for a protest. A peaceful protest. Now that the politicians of the state of Arizona have passed a bill that directly attacks trans* individuals, I am wondering how many Arizonians will come together to peacefully protest such an egregious act by choosing to go into a different gender’s bathroom at every opportunity that presents itself.

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Be willing to make a scene.

Be willing to be chastised.

Be willing to be thrown out.

Even be willing to get arrested to prove to legislators that this law is discriminatory; this law has the potential to put the safety of trans* individuals at stake; this law is plain wrong.

It will take some guts. It’s not always easy to go into a facility that is not “for you.” Cisgender individuals rarely if ever have to feel the discomfort that trans* and gender queer individuals feel when going into any bathroom. I am calling on cisgender individuals specifically to take a stand in this case — be uncomfortable and take a stand anyway. Stand up for our trans* siblings and make the point that everyone should be able to go to the restroom that feels best for them at any given point in their lives.

Readers, what do you think? Would you be willing to go into a different bathroom to stand up for yours beliefs? How far would you be willing to go to facilitate change?


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2 responses to “Peaceful Protest in Arizona Bathrooms

  1. I haven’t read the language of the bill, but law of unintended consequences being what it is does this stop parents from bringing their young, opposite gender children in the restroom with them. What about disabled patrons and their opposite gender helpers?

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