Queer Greer: Pre-Sale and Review

So the second edition of my book, Queer Greer, went up for pre-sale on my birthday this week (March 13). I’m so excited about this. Here’s a look at the newly designed cover:

I was also thrilled to read a new rave review that was posted on Amazon.com today:

5 Stars
Not what I expected, pleasantly surprised by Irisher
“I started this book thinking it would be about teen angst and trying to come to terms with one’s sexuality. What I found was a book about a very savvy, smart young woman with enough self worth to realize what she is and accept all her foibles and strengths to find happiness.”Greer has all the usual issues with parents, friends and dating that many of us have experienced. I was surprised at how much I associated with her feelings and how deeply I felt her loss. It reminded me that we are all human and while who we love may not be the norm, we all experience the agony of the loss of that love similarly.

“Greer is an amazing heroine and role model for anyone trying to grow up in a world that still hasn’t figured out that we all love the same way regardless of which gender we are drawn to. Queer Greer is a very honest portrayal of coming to terms with your truth and instead of hiding, “coming out” and demanding those in your life to love and accept you just the same.”


Have YOU read Queer Greer yet? What did you think?

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