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Following up on my last post regarding the wonderful connections one can make on Twitter, I must share what my Tw’eep @Sup1950 posted on Amazon, reviewing my book Queer Greer:

5 Stars

“Queer Greer is a significant book. I read it over the weekend and I am glad I did. As a parent, former high school teacher and retired district administrator I found the characters real, genuine and very honest. Some might say too honest.

“To see this amazing novel as strictly the story of a teen coming to grips with her own sexuality is a mistake. As significant as that issue is, Walkley invites us to look much deeper into the lives of her characters; not only Greer and her very real conflicts and struggles, but those of her parents and friends as well. She gently pulls back the curtain for us to peak into the relationship between parent and child and in so doing causes us to ponder our own. The book didn’t force me to examine my relationship with my two daughters. But, I did. That was a good thing. Neither does she ask the reader to feel sorry for or pity Greer.

“Greer McManus is like all of us. She is strong and at times weak. She is honest and sometimes naive. She is self sufficient and sometimes needy. In short, Greer McManus is human. If you are a parent, read the book. If you are a teacher or administrator,read the book. Such honesty doesn’t come along often.”

Thanks, Jim! Your kind words mean a lot!

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