Writing the New Year

As most writers I know, I would like to write more in 2012. That is my overarching resolution for this new year!

Of course, the beginning of the year for me is already a hectic one as I prepare to move from California to Arizona and start a new chapter in my life. I have yet to write a single word for myself in 2012, which is enough to make me feel like somewhat of a failure just five days in! I’m going to cut myself some slack, however, as I predict that all of these changes taking place will garner in a new schedule and routine that should make it easier for me to fit my writing into my life.

What I will accomplish this year:

  • Putting out a Second Edition of Queer Greer
  • Writing the 2nd and 3rd drafts of Vuto
  • Querying agents/publishing companies for Vuto

I aim to dedicate at least five hours a week to my writing/editing projects on top of my day job. We shall see what happens as soon as I get settled into my new state!

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