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I have been promoted at to head producer and casting director for the Author Series. This is very exciting for me as a lifelong reader and writer. I am having so much fun looking for and speaking with authors from as far as the UK, thus far. We put up a thread on the week before each author is scheduled to interview asking for questions from fans to be answered by the author on video.

The first person to come into the studio that I was personally thrilled to meet and speak with was Rex Pickett, author of Sideways and its new sequel, Vertical. Here’s a little taste of his interview where he answers the question, “What is the best glass of wine you’ve ever had?”:

Thus far, the funniest and most entertaining author we’ve filmed has been filmmaker Lloyd Kaufman. Kaufman made The Toxic Avenger, along with many other films with his company, Troma Entertainment. He recently came out with a new book entitled Sell Your Own Damn Movie! In the following video, he answers the question, “Who would you want to play you in a movie about your life?”:

Out of everyone I’ve bet thus far doing this series, however, I have to say it’s hard to surpass Jeff Mudgett. I had been anticipating meeting him since reading his book, Bloodstains, and being fascinated by the stories of H.H. Holmes and Jack the Ripper, along with serial killers in general. Mudgett himself is Holmes’ great-great-grandson. Here he describes the personal tale he tells in Bloodstains:

If you are an author or have a suggestion of an author you’d like to see on Mahalo’s Author Series, please email

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