Burke: The Short

I’ve just created a short film about my time visiting inmate Elizabeth Burke in Gatesville, Texas with the help of my film-saavy friend, Hunter. Check it out:

Here’s some extra information about the case for anyone who didn’t see my first video on Elizabeth. While I do not admit to be aware of the entire truth of the matter, the facts are clear that the medical examiner (Paul Wayne Shrode) who performed the autopsy on Elizabeth’s seven-week-old son, Ian, had lied on multiple resumes about his credentials.

Shrode even went so far as to make up a completely fictitious law school that he claimed he graduated from with a law degree.

One of the most egregious aspects of Shrode’s less-than-qualified status as a medical examiner is the fact that he failed the pathology portion of his forensic pathology boards the very same year he testified as an expert on Elizabeth’s case.

It is also worth noting that investigators treated Ian’s death as natural until Elizabeth and her then-husband, Eddie, complained to news stations about the ambulances never showing up, causing the police to take Ian half-way to the ER – against protocol. It was only after this complaint rose that Elizabeth was arrested for suspected murder. There is a good chance she was incarcerated as a result of the county wanting to cover up the fact that one of their people screwed up. A neighbor Elizabeth had never spoken to before came forward to police, agreeing to be wired to get Elizabeth’s “confession,” which Elizabeth has maintained was written on a piece of paper and given to her to read into a recorder. That same neighbor had a husband at the time who worked for the county as a volunteer fire fighter.

This is a complicated case with many versions of the “truth” to take into consideration. I do not claim to know the actual “truth,” but I do believe Elizabeth was not given the fair trial owed her by living in the United States as an American citizen.

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  1. Vina Perez

    Alison, Hello my name is Vina and I have been writing to Elizabeth for 5 years now. I would be more then happy to talk with you more about her case and to help out with it.. I just visited with Elizabeth today and she told me about you so I look you up. Please email me and I will give you my number and any other info you might need. Thanks Vina.

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