Pink Guns For Women…Really?

I was and I wasn’t shocked at the same time when I came across this article on “The 5 Most Pointlessly Women-Specific products, the first listed being seemingly pointless “pretty” tool sets aimed at female consumers:

Because every lady needs a handpainted hammer to put a nail in the wall.

The second female-specifc product was,no joke…PINK GUNS.

Now, it’s pretty much a given that I feel like ranting about the gender stereotypes a pink gun advertised for women brings up, but what about the safety factor? We have done away with toy guns out of fear that they will be mistaken for real guns. What are the chances a pink gun will be mistaken for a toy?

Fortunately, the article points out that studies have determined there not to be a significant difference between the amount of men and women who prefer the color pink. Take that consumer advertising!

Therefore, pink or black, it doesn’t matter. To some people, “Happiness is a Warm Gun” (weak transition much? :-):

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