TOMS One For One Campaign Takes a New Direction

Have you heard of TOMS? It’s hard to believe anyone hasn’t. TOMS, or Tomorrow’s Shoes, is a company run by founder and CEO Blake Mycoskie around the idea of selling one pair of shoes to fund a pair of shoes for someone in need. The motto is “One For One.”

After being in business as a non-profit for about four years at this point, TOMS has donated over 1,000,000 shoes to mostly children in need in Third World countries. As you can tell from this Mahalo video, the company has come a long way to achieve a worthy goal:

With more and more celebrities and musicians, like Hanson (my personal favorite!), helping out with the TOMS mission and spreading the message, TOMS is bound to continue growing and growing.

In fact, Hanson hosts TOMS “walks” before every single one of their concerts, urging their fans to take off their shoes and walk without them to experience what it would be like to live in the developing world where shoes are a privilege.

Today, June 7, 2011, TOMS has unveiled the next phase of their goal – EYEWEAR. For every pair of sunglasses sold, TOMS is providing prescription eyewear to those in need in developing countries. While prices may seem steep to some at $135 a pair, keeping in mind that most of that fee will be put toward a pair of glasses for someone who cannot see well make it seem completely worth the cash.

As a personal fan of TOMS, I couldn’t be more excited for this next phase of their business model. Ideally, one of these days, I’ll be able to go on a Shoe Drop in South America or Africa – an experience I would relish beyond all belief.

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