Back to the ’90s

Anyone who knows me at all knows how big of a Hanson fan I am. I mean, my bedroom in middle school was wallpapered with pages and posters ripped from Teen Beat magazine, all of Isaac, Taylor and Zac. My first concert ever? Hanson at Great Woods in Massachusetts, June 26, 1998. I’ve grown up with them and evolved with them. From this:

To this:

So, as you can probably understand, I went a little crazy when I stumbled upon their music video for their first single, the famous “MMMBop,” on YouTube the other night. It instantly transported me back to my teenage years. Perhaps it will do the same for you…

Thus far, I’ve seen Hanson in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and Los Angeles. It was in New York that I was able to meet them backstage!

Zac Hanson and me backstage in New York City, October 2009

It gets better than that. At the time, I was working for the United Nations. Hanson had been doing a lot of charity work in Africa. Since I was reporting for a news service at the UN that focused on the world’s least developed countries, I was able to contact their manager and conduct phone interviews with Zac and Taylor on two separate occasions!

And to top THAT off – my articles appeared on Hanson’s official website. It’s even archived on the site!

Can a lifelong fan ask for anything more?

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